into French

from English, German, Dutch, Flemish and Russian

am I?

Hello, my name is Frédérique.

I have been a professional translator for about ten years. I translate English, German, Dutch, Flemish and Russian texts into French. I help companies grow their business in Belgium and France.

I am trained in SEO and will become a certified proofreader in the coming months.

I am passionate about words and take a keen interest in the theatre and writing. I have even won several awards in this field.

For me, translation means bringing people together.

Via this industry and all the services connected with it, I build bridges between people, and I remove cultural and linguistic barriers between countries. I bring people and companies into contact with their prospects.

My areas of 

My favourite subject is the world of work and business. However, I still nonetheless go off the beaten track and delivering translations from outside my main specialisations: fashion and cosmetics, well-being, contemporary furniture and more.

Any document (article, sales page, product sheet, etc.) that needs to be translated, corrected or proofread is a challenge that I like to take on.

Some examples :

  • documents on political life in Iran;
  • a court judgment on human trafficking;
  • the localisation of a large ready-to-wear brand.

My approach


Before beginning any project, I strike up a dialogue between the client, their project manager and myself in order to define the challenges of the project: its purpose, target, deadlines, and so on.


I can adapt to your world and will make sure that our exchanges are at your own pace. I can align myself with you and your own values. I am here to answer any questions you may have, from the start of the project to the finish.


The professional relationship between us will remain confidential, whether or not we sign an agreement. Trust is essential and is the most important factor.

means shaping
the world

for greater equality

Inclusive writing ensures that men and women are represented equally in language. Full stop. Over and above being a question of reappropriating language, it is about keeping pace with a changing society, in this case, my society, which is ‘driven’ by French.

My language should show you and your clients the way to a fairer world: staff instead of employees, clientèle instead of clients, and so on.

is bringing people together

My excellent command of my mother tongue (spelling, grammar, syntax, etc.) serves the needs of my work and your own demands for precision. I use Computer-Aided Translation tools (Trados, Memsource, MemoQ, Smartling and more), which help me to deliver high-quality texts that meet your requirements and those of your customers: consistent vocabulary, texts that read naturally, etc.

In the long run, it is about developing a strong editorial identity in your target market through intelligent texts that use consistent and relevant vocabulary, whichever language your prospects speak.

means transposing

Your corporate culture into my native language: French. Language, a tool that unveils so much talent, is a shared tool in the public domain. Translation, like any other written profession, has taken hold of this.

With unfailing precision, I will seek out the right expression that will hit the nail on the head for your audience!


As a linguistic expert, I can translate your printed and online articles (magazines, blogs, etc.), sales pages and product sheets in the fields of fashion, cosmetics, well-being and contemporary furniture. I also accept literary works and screenplays as projects.

Shall we get started?

& localisation

Adapting the content of a website or piece of software to a target group using the group’s language and cultural context (adapting any dimensions, currencies or units of measurement).

Speaking the same language is the best way to communicate effectively and move in the same direction without any misunderstandings.

Is your target market still a big unknown?

Let’s talk about it!


Make your content more visible on the web by optimizing its translation (keyword, semantic cocoon, etc.).

Speak the language of your customers and prospects, to make your company more visible on a new market and increase your turnover.

The winning formula is the precision of translation combined with the strength of SEO. I can adapt your speech and editorial content to the Belgian market, remaining faithful to your digital marketing strategy.

Do you want to optimize your SEO for French-speaking markets?

Let’s talk about it!

& swearing

The legalization of your documents, i.e. their conformity with the target market, is perhaps compulsory for you to trade with a country (France, Belgium...). In order to do so, certain legal conditions are required.

This will guarantee you a certain level of protection in the country where you will be trading.

I am at your disposal to help you approach this new market. A project to be realized?

Let’s talk about it!

& correction

Do you dream of texts without a single mistake?

Proofreading and/or correcting your already translated documents will ensure that your texts are flawless.

Don’t let a ‘small’ mistake compromise your credibility and scare off your prospects.

I help you identify the strengths and areas for improvement in your written communication for the French and Belgian markets.

Let’s talk about it!

into writing

Transcription, whether monolingual or bilingual, involves transcribing the words spoken by a person during (for example) a conference. Speech is transcribed word for word.

This method is increasingly recommended to make content more accessible by multiplying the ways in which it can be acquired: a soundtrack for a text (or voiceover), subtitles for a video, etc.

Are you organizing a conference or a symposium soon? Do you need multilingual subtitles for your videos?

Let’s talk about it!

language training

Learn written and spoken French in your company or by videoconference. I make every effort to ensure that my students achieve their full potential and feel as confident as they can when using their French.

In Belgium, speaking the two national languages (French and Dutch), or even three if you include German, can become a must, especially since being bilingual is strongly recommended here.

Have you been interested in learning French for a little while? Let’s work out a practical and specific action plan together.

Let’s talk about it!


Frédérique is extremely professional and very reliable. She is a true asset to any company and I look forward to working with her again.

Virginie Thomas,

Frédérique is one of my regular language service providers and always does an excellent job. She is fast and reliable, delivers excellent translations and always meets deadlines. Thank you for all your fantastic work!

Thijs van Dorssen,

Frédérique did an excellent job translating a manual from Dutch into French. She will absolutely be my first choice the next time I need a document translated in this language combination.

Alistair Ian Spearing Ortiz,
independent interpreter

I am very happy with the training programme I am taking with Ms Fourez. I feel much more comfortable speaking in French now. Ms Fourez gave me the tools I needed to make it happen.

Devrim Y,

I am delighted with the tools that Ms Fourez gave me. I now find it easier to write e-mails in French. Talking to my French-speaking colleagues is also no problem now.

Vanessa B,

I really enjoyed the courses offered by Ms Fourez. They were useful and fun. Too bad my memory means I can’t remember everything! One word: CONGRATULATIONS!

Ian S,